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Keeping a door open for entrepreneurs

How do we address concerns about the closing of Britain’s doors post-Brexit to the wealth of overseas entrepreneurial talent?

Not all of those with a great idea and the drive to move it forward have the university degree required for a conventional visa. Richard Branson and Steve Jobs are two great examples.

The British Government recognised this with the announcement of a new visa for entrepreneurs that means applicants no longer need to have a university degree. It also went some way to easing concerns about the closing of Britain’s doors post-Brexit. Home Secretary Sajid Javid said,

“This will help to ensure we continue to attract the best global talent and maintain the UK’s position as a world leading destination for innovation and entrepreneurs. It shows the commitment to making the UK a dynamic, open and globally trading nation.’

At Oxford Capital, we recognise the huge benefit to the UK and its investors that global entrepreneurial talent brings.