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    Investing in infrastructure assets

At the heart of all our infrastructure investments are two core principles:

  • We buy real assets. We either purchase assets directly, or we buy shares in companies which directly own and operate infrastructure assets. In this way all our investments are asset-backed.
  • We seek returns that are stable and predictable, with long-term contracts defining visible revenues and preferably index-linkage.

By strictly observing these two simple principles, we aim to offer our investors:

  • Capital preservation over both short and long investment periods.
  • Index-linked yields – uncorrelated with the performance of other investment classes, where possible.

Where possible we prefer to hold assets to maturity, optimising their management and efficiency to secure and maximise yield.

Contact us about a project:

If you have an infrastructure project you would like to tell us about, we would love to hear from you. We invest in assets with an ambition to hold them for the long-term. The performance and reliability of assets is vital to our strategy. As such, we also like to build long-term, trusting relationships with our infrastructure development partners.

We have already developed a number of productive relationships with developers, installers and other third parties but we continue to look for new opportunities in the following areas:

  • Ground mounted solar PV
  • Roof mounted solar PV
  • Anaerobic Digestion
  • HydroBiomassWind – greater than 1MW
  • Renewable Heat/Combined Heat and Power
  • Local Authority PFI

Invest in Infrastructure

Estate Planning Service

Investments that could qualify for relief from Inheritance Tax.

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Contact our infrastructure team

Oliver Hughes

Oliver is responsible for leading infrastructure investments at Oxford Capital.

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Barney Rhys Jones

Barney is responsible for the operational aspects of the Renewable Infrastructure portfolio.

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George Krempels

George is part of the infrastructure investment team, sourcing, evaluating and executing transaction

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Nick Bliss

Nick is a senior adviser to our Infrastructure investment team.

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Jing Bai

Jing is part of the infrastructure investment team, sourcing, evaluating and screening potential dea

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Paul Barker

Paul is part of the infrastructure investment team, sourcing, evaluating and executing transactions

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Ellie Bracher

Ellie assists our infrastructure team as well as providing event and office management support.

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Franck Chessé

Franck is responsible for managing the operation and optimisation of the infrastructure investments

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Chung Chew

Chung is a member of the infrastructure team with responsibility for day to day commercial and opera

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Elizabeth Griffiths

Elizabeth is responsible for financial and commercial management of the Infrastructure investment po

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Chloe Jacquet

Chloë provides operational support to the Infrastructure team.

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Rob Laddle

Rob supports the infrastructure investment team, with the legal and commercial aspects of their vari

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James Schwerdt

James is focused on the management of Oxford Capitals solar assets with a particular emphasis on con

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