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Discount available on Oxford Capital Estate Planning Service

Oxford Capital has announced a fee discount period for the Oxford Capital Estate Planning Service. All investors who apply to invest before 31 July 2017 will receive a 50% discount on Oxford Capital’s initial fee, reducing the charge from 2% to 1%. Bigger discounts are available for subscriptions of more than £250,000.

The Estate Planning Service invests into the Infrastructure sector, with a current focus on renewable energy investments. It targets returns of between 3% and 5% per annum and allows investors to choose between receiving dividends or building the value of their investment over time. Investments held through the Service should qualify for 100% relief from Inheritance Tax, if held for two years and still held at death.

Investors or advisers interested in finding out more can download information here  or contact Oxford Capital  to arrange a meeting.

The table below shows the different levels of discount available.

Amount subscribed (after adviser fees or Non-Advised Investment Charge as applicable) Initial fee (normally 2%)*
Up to £250,000 1%
£250,001 to £500,000 0.5%
£500,001 to £1,000,000 0.25%
More than £1,000,000 0%


*Initial fee includes share-dealing charges of 0.35%. For subscriptions above £500,000, where the initial fee is now less than the dealing costs, Oxford Capital will settle the excess dealing charges on behalf of the investor.