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Oxford Capital Residential Development Bond


Secured Residential Development Bond – Support the UK housing industry with this 7% p.a. bond.

An opportunity to ‘co-invest’ alongside Oxford Capital managed investments in a new Bond issue. The Residential Development Bond is issued as part of Oxford Capital’s Estate Planning Service (“OCEPS”). OCEPS has been established to provide asset-backed, income generating investments to its investors.

Investment into the Bond provides an attractive risk adjusted return of 7% per annum, in a low interest rate environment, whilst also assisting in alleviating the shortage in UK housing supply through extra supply of capital. OCEPS provides finance to highly experienced UK housebuilders, who develop and provide quality housing units to homeowners. The issuer will use the proceeds from the Bond for its normal business activities of property development.

Investors therefore benefit from:

  • Security against real assets.
  • Real returns in a low interest rate environment
  • Due diligence already undertaken by Oxford Capital
  • Investment management experience of Oxford Capital

  • The bond issuer makes loans to UK house builders. Returns are generated by charging interest and fees on these loans, not by investing in, or taking ownership of property. The business strategy is therefore one of lending money.
  • Loans are made subject to taking security over all of the assets of the development project, from the underlying land to all of the construction work and materials on the site.

  • The term of the Bond is 12 months and it carries a 7% per annum coupon. The Bond has been structured as a co-investment alongside Oxford Capital managed investments. The Bond issue is limited to 50% of the value of the underlying loan commitments held by the issuer, at the time the bonds are subscribed for by investors. As a co-investment, bondholders will hold security ‘pari passu’ to Oxford Capital managed funds, which hold security over the land and assets of the underlying development company. At maturity, it is the Bond issuer’s intention to repay the Bond coupon plus its par value to investors in a single payment.

  • Your capital is at risk and the coupon is not guaranteed. Should the issuer default, you could lose the whole value of your investment. Before making an investment, you should read the full Bond Offer Document. The Bond is not readily realisable. Tax treatment depends on the circumstances of the individual investor.
  • The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) deposit protection does not apply to the Residential Development Bond.

Available to private clients only.

Richard Roberts

Richard is responsible for managing Oxford Capital’s direct clients.

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Clarissa McKay

Clarissa provides support to the direct Private Clients team.

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